Barsuk Records: Nada Surf “You Know Who You Are.”

Founded in 1992, Nada Surf has only grown more creative as time marches on. For their 8th studio album, we helped fans connect with the band’s past & future.

Focusing on the album’s themes of introspection and change, we created a simple but meaningful solution around the themes of time, travel and memory.

Collaborating closely with photographer Chantal Anderson we channeled these themes through images of air travel.

Using the juxtopostions found in air travel we were able to capture the emepheral feeling of looking out at the future and but also looking back at the past. 

Grided typography, textural structures and the beautiful nothingness of a clear blue sky set weave together Nada Surf’s heartfelt reflections.

Seth Meyers raises the record for studio and live audiences as the band prepares to perform live. 
Client: Barsuk Records
Studio: Freelance

Derek Vander Griend


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