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Nada Surf

Founded in 1992, Nada Surf has only grown more creative as time marches on. For their 8th studio album, we helped fans connect with the band’s past & future. 

Focusing on the album’s themes of introspection and change, we created a simple but meaningful solution around the themes of time, travel and memory. 

These core elements were an excellent metaphor for Nada Surf’s thoughtful return to the roots of their sound.

You can listen to the album here.

Credits ︎


Art Direction
Packaging Design

Nada Surf B-Sides

Along with the Japanese release of the record, the band added an additional collection of b-sides and never released tracks.

We were asked to create a seperate cover for the album. Pulling cues from the main release, we concepted a simple cover that evokes looking back on your own memories and photographs.

The album can be listened to here.